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    Long Walk to Hysteria

    The ongoing SNC-Lavalin saga, the irresponsible pundit class bent on getting their pound of flesh and PM Trudeau's handling of, what is, an HR problem.

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    RayBOOMs and Moonwalks

    Jody Wilson-Raybould's version of the SNC-Lavalin saga shakes up official Ottawa. Plus, Michael Cohen sings like a bird!

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    Lance the Boil

    The SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould clusterfark that has the Trudeau government on the ropes.

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    A Wall Named Nancy

    Alberta's Opposition Leader gets caught with his hand in the taxpayer's pocket; Nancy Pelosi owns Donald Trump; and, Tom Mulcair 2.0?

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    Percs & Recreation

    We launch our 2nd season talking about the federal Cabinet shuffle, Jagmeet Singh's missteps, the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and whether Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez needs to take a media break.

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    Holiday Mailbag!

    In our last show until 2019, we took your questions and did our best to answer them -- plus predictions for next year and who's the best/worst federal Cabinet Minister as 2018 ends?

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    Baby, It's Cold Outside

    We're talking the dubious poll about rising Conservative fortunes -- is Trudeau one and done? And the Tennessee rape victim serving 51 years in prison.

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    Arrows, Rakes & Bonesaws

    We're talking Trump exonerating the Saudis in the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the federal government's bailout of the media and the Prime Minister's protested visit to Calgary.

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    The Blue Wave

    The 2018 U.S. midterms, the Trump presser meltdown and lewd Conservative MP Tony Clement's dirty pictures.

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    Rhetoric & responsibility

    The shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue, political rhetoric and stories of the week! Also, a reference to the cult classic, Clue!

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    Dark Times

    We talk about the bomb threat against President & Mrs. Obama, President & Secretary Clinton, former VP Biden and other Democratic public figures; the killing of Jamal Khashoggi; and, stories of the week.

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    We're talking the sexual assault allegations leveled by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Also, is it time for the Governor General to blast off?

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    One-on-one with Karen McCrimmon, M.P.

    A candid conversation with Liberal MP for Kanata-Carleton, Karen McCrimmon, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness. We talk negativity in politics, her career of firsts in the Canadian Forces and much more!

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    Summer's over -- and we're talking Doug Ford's constitutional crisis, Bob Woodward's book about Donald Trump and we remember where we were on 9/11.

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    Goats & Intolerance

    We're talking intolerance in Canada, we handicap the Ford government's first few weeks in office and the revocation of former CIA Director's security clearance.

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    Aunt Lydia wants you to know she's a victim

    The Conservative Party's polling advantage on asylum seekers, Ontario Premier's Doug Ford's "efficiencies" and poor Aunt Lydia Sanders, the ultimate victim of the free press.

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    The One Where Lee-Anne Has An Allergic Reaction

    We talk Trump's Helsinki love-in with Putin, the federal Liberal government's Cabinet shake-up and the ongoing cloak & dagger efforts by Stephen Harper to screw over the country he once led. Plus, Lee-Anne struggles for life when a suntan lotion trial goes wrong!

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    Trade in the Age of Trump: An Interview with Edward Alden

    Cameron's interview with Edward Alden, an American journalist, author, and the Bernard L. Schwartz senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Alden specializes in U.S. economic competitiveness, U.S. trade policy, and visa and immigration policy.

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    The Band Is Back Together

    We're talking Mike's trip to the Philippines; the groping allegations against Justin Trudeau; Stephen Harper's secret visit to Trump's White House; and, the pending retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Plus, an interview with Edward Alden, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, on the Canada-US trade war and the Trump effect globally.

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    We're pissed right off today: talking Trump's concentration camps; Melania's jacket; and the smalltown cheapness of Canada's Official Opposition.

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    Ford Nation

    We're talking Ford Nation conquering Ontario, Trump & Trudeau at the G-7, and the return of Melania from the underground bunker. Plus, stories of the week!

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    Lots of dirty words

    We're angry: talking the Trump trade war, the Ontario election and the dilapidated dump that is the Prime Minister's residence. Plus, where's Melania?

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    Bush Party, a Netflix series

    We talk the Ontario NDP surge in the provincial election, Pope Francis's tolerance and the Royal Wedding!

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    Damn you, Cheddar Harper!

    The return of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Conservative trolls attacking the pod and the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

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    Vigilante Twitter Justice

    Lee-Anne and Cameron talk the racist verbal attack - captured on video - of a B.C. woman on a group of Arab men and the subsequent fallout on social media; partisanship after the death of Conservative MP Gord Brown and the allegations against NDP MP Christine Moore that she used her position to take advantage of a veteran of the mission in Afghanistan.

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    Georgia's Bernie Sanders

    Cameron interviews Richard Dien Winfield, Democratic primary candidate for the GA-10th Congressional District, about his platform & why it's long past time to put government to work for the good of Americans, not just the top 1%.

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    American Idiot

    We're talking Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford's plan to open the Greenbelt to developers; The 2018 White House Correspondents Association Dinner and how a comedian evidently destroyed the sanctity & decency of the Republic; plus, our picks for stories of the week!

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    Tragedy in Toronto

    Lee-Anne, Mike & Cameron talk the van attack in Toronto; the Conservative motion calling for federal action on asylum seekers and a new series "Stop Me If You've Heard This One". PLUS, an interview with Indigenous Affairs Minister Dr. Jane Philpott.

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    "Reconciliation requires Truth"

    Hakique & Cameron chat with Indigenous Services Minister Dr. Jane Philpott about truth, reconciliation and building a better Canada for Indigenous Peoples and all Canadians.

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    April 20: National School Walkout

    On Friday, April 20, thousands of students across America will walkout of their classroom in protest of gun violence and the lack of action on gun control. Hakique & Cameron sat down a few weeks back for a one-on-one interview with Lane Murdock, the organizer of this initiative.

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    Jim Comey, Hall Monitor

    We talk the interview with former FBI Director Jim Comey; the Kinder Morgan pipeline summit; and, former U.S. First Lady Barbara Bush's declining health.

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    Russia's Gonna Rush

    The announcement by Kinder Morgan that all unessential work on the TransMountain pipeline will cease; the terrible messaging on the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Canada; and finally, FBI raids and fires south of the border. Also very excited to announce that Indigenous Services Minister, Jane Philpott, will be a guest on the pod in the coming weeks.

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    Trump's Mental Health

    Lee-Anne's interview with Dr. Bandy Lee, Yale Psychiatrist, about Donald Trump's mental health.

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    Protecting Our Oceans

    Cameron's interview with Josh Laughren, Executive Director of Oceana Canada, about how we can protect our oceans & coastlines.

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    British Porn

    We talk Russian interference in Canada's 2015 federal election, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna's interview with Evan Solomon, and Trump's Easter Egg Roll. Plus, an interview with Oceana Canada Executive Director Josh Laughren about protecting our oceans and coastlines!

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    "Stormy" Weather

    We talk: the 21-hour Conservative filibuster in the House of Commons; the March for Our Lives; and, the President & the Pornstar: Stormy Daniels' interview on 60 Minutes! PLUS, an interview with Yale Psychiatrist Dr. Bandy X. Lee on the state of Trump's mental health.

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    Pigs in Space

    Polling woes of the federal Liberal government; NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s flirtation with – and rejection of? – Indian separatism; and, Trump’s great space endeavor . Plus, Part 2 of the interview on the MeToo movement in Canada with Amy Kishek and Tiffany Gooch.

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    Spooning Justin Trudeau

    Trudeau’s “vitriolic” attack at national caucus, Trump’s racial slurs & media bashing, Rexit and Doug Ford winning the Ontario PC leadership race. PLUS, Part 1 of an interview with MeToo activists Amy Kishek & Tiffany Gooch!

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    "Guns & Urine"

    We're talking Trump's steel tariffs & Trudeau's poll drop post-India -- PLUS, we launch a new segment called "They Said What?!" where we discuss Doug Ford's abortion musings and ex-Trump advisor, Sam Nunberg's, media meltdown. AND, an interview with LPC MP Nate Erskine-Smith about drug decriminalization!

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    "Tickle trunk diplomacy"

    We talk Trudeau's trip to India, the Patrick Brown saga and the U.S. gun control debate! Plus, an interview with Lane Murdock, organizer of April 20th's National School Walkout.

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    "Mitt Romney is a Christ-like figure"

    Cameron, Lee-Anne and Mike talk the Colten Boushie trial, wine & whining between Alberta & BC, and President Rancid Velveeta. Also, a feature interview with Dr. Hakique Virani on Canada's opioid crisis.

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