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    Trade in the Age of Trump: An Interview with Edward Alden

    Cameron's interview with Edward Alden, an American journalist, author, and the Bernard L. Schwartz senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. Alden specializes in U.S. economic competitiveness, U.S. trade policy, and visa and immigration policy.

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    The Band Is Back Together

    We're talking Mike's trip to the Philippines; the groping allegations against Justin Trudeau; Stephen Harper's secret visit to Trump's White House; and, the pending retirement of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Plus, an interview with Edward Alden, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, on the Canada-US trade war and the Trump effect globally.

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    We're pissed right off today: talking Trump's concentration camps; Melania's jacket; and the smalltown cheapness of Canada's Official Opposition.

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    Ford Nation

    We're talking Ford Nation conquering Ontario, Trump & Trudeau at the G-7, and the return of Melania from the underground bunker. Plus, stories of the week!

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    Lots of dirty words

    We're angry: talking the Trump trade war, the Ontario election and the dilapidated dump that is the Prime Minister's residence. Plus, where's Melania?

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    Bush Party, a Netflix series

    We talk the Ontario NDP surge in the provincial election, Pope Francis's tolerance and the Royal Wedding!

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    Damn you, Cheddar Harper!

    The return of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Conservative trolls attacking the pod and the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

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    Vigilante Twitter Justice

    Lee-Anne and Cameron talk the racist verbal attack - captured on video - of a B.C. woman on a group of Arab men and the subsequent fallout on social media; partisanship after the death of Conservative MP Gord Brown and the allegations against NDP MP Christine Moore that she used her position to take advantage of a veteran of the mission in Afghanistan.

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