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    A Scandal So Stupid We Didn't Write An Outline

    Another week and more stupidity from the media and the Conservatives on the faux SNC-Lavalin scandal... so we figure, why should we prepare and do our jobs when the media and the Conservatives aren't doing theirs? We winged this one, folks.

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    Long Walk to Hysteria

    The ongoing SNC-Lavalin saga, the irresponsible pundit class bent on getting their pound of flesh and PM Trudeau's handling of, what is, an HR problem.

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    RayBOOMs and Moonwalks

    Jody Wilson-Raybould's version of the SNC-Lavalin saga shakes up official Ottawa. Plus, Michael Cohen sings like a bird!

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    Lance the Boil

    The SNC-Lavalin/Jody Wilson-Raybould clusterfark that has the Trudeau government on the ropes.

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    A Wall Named Nancy

    Alberta's Opposition Leader gets caught with his hand in the taxpayer's pocket; Nancy Pelosi owns Donald Trump; and, Tom Mulcair 2.0?

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    Percs & Recreation

    We launch our 2nd season talking about the federal Cabinet shuffle, Jagmeet Singh's missteps, the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and whether Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez needs to take a media break.

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    Holiday Mailbag!

    In our last show until 2019, we took your questions and did our best to answer them -- plus predictions for next year and who's the best/worst federal Cabinet Minister as 2018 ends?

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    Baby, It's Cold Outside

    We're talking the dubious poll about rising Conservative fortunes -- is Trudeau one and done? And the Tennessee rape victim serving 51 years in prison.

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    Arrows, Rakes & Bonesaws

    We're talking Trump exonerating the Saudis in the death of Jamal Khashoggi, the federal government's bailout of the media and the Prime Minister's protested visit to Calgary.

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